I offer 3 lesson lengths on all instruments (guitar, mandolin, 5 string banjo)

30 minutes (£14) – Mostly for complete beginners, but also suitable for those who would like to focus on a specific aspect of playing for a short time.

45mins (£17.50) – I offer this just an alternative to the hour long lesson, where we can go through a good amount of material without being overwhelmed.  Also good if your relatively new to playing due to the sore fingers factor/

One Hour (£23) – The most popular lesson length.  Plenty of time to get to grips with, and practise the material.  I don’t try and cram too many ideas into any lesson as it can become an overload of information pretty quickly, but I’m also happy to go through a lot of material if you prefer to get some ideas and work on them at home.

What Do I Need To Bring To a Lesson?

Really only yourself and a guitar.  If you can’t bring a guitar to your lesson,  I have a spare guitar that you are welcome to use.  It’s also very handy if you have a way of recording the key points of the lesson, on a phone for instance.  If this isn’t possible, I can video the main points for you, and send the video on an email.  I also supply the written music (in guitar tab format) of the material that’s played, with a guide of how to read tab if required.