First post of a new blog on the site…i’m going to use it to recommend various guitar, and banjo websites, events and that sort of thing.  So, the first one up is probably the best music website i’ve ever found and its called Rocket Science Banjo.  Its purpose in life is to provide an online way to learn frailing or clawhammer banjo, something I cover in lessons, but this is done so well, I want to highlight it.  Tony Spadarro runs the site and has been a clawhammer player for many years, and offers a dree download of a 200 odd page PDF that covers in a lot of detail from the basics up many clawhammer styles.  The PDF comes with audio examples, and the cost is free…theres a button to make a donation, which I did, and I then got a personal email from Tony with several hundred more tabs and resources.

Another great Banjo site, again dealing with clawhammer banjo is run by Mike Iverson.  Mike plays in a slightly differetn way to Tony, n that his arrangements are designed to complement a singer, band there are several hundred tabs on Mikes site along with instructional notes..all free to view…you.cant ask for more than that